Metal Recycling; The Where And The How


Scrap metal recycling is not a new idea, but as people become more aware of the need to reuse and recycle, scrap metal yards have become more public. They are easier to find now than ever before, and they deal with more customers who have scrap metal to sell. 

Finding a Scrap Metal Yard

Finding a scrap metal year is not difficult. Many of scrapyards have websites and ads online and are actively working to grow their business. Finding a scrap metal yard is as easy as searching online for metal recyclers in your area or maybe for scrap metal buyers. Most of the time, you will find some options near you, and a phone call is all it takes to find out if they buy the metal you want to sell. If you find one with a well-built website, you may find all the information you need right there. 

What Do Scrap Metal Yards Buy?

While there are going to be differences from one yard to the next, most scrap yards will buy steel, aluminum, copper, brass, some alloys, and some yards will buy car batteries for the lead inside them. Typically with batteries, they will buy them per battery, not per pound. Metals prices are set by weight and grade so be sure you understand how they grade the metals you want to sell for the best possible price.

Scrap Metal Pickup Services

If you have a large amount of scrap metal that you want to sell, look for a scrap metal buyer that offers pickup service. There are some independent services as well as some yards that will come out with a truck and pick up the scrap you have. The price per pound of the material may be lower because they are hauling it and need to make a profit on the metal as well, but the convenience of having someone pick up and haul the metal for you can be worth decreased price that comes with it. 

Buying Metals From a Scrap Yard

You can also purchase metal at some scrap yards, but most of the time it is used metal that they have set aside in varying sizes and shapes. Some yards to deal in steel from the manufacturer as a side business so check with the yard about buying material, what they offer, and what they have on hand. The price for new steel or other metals is going to be higher than that of the used material, but it will be uniform sizes and lengths, making it easier to use. 

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5 February 2019

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